Tennessee Wine Tourism: A Success Story

Tennessee wineries are one of the most successful agritourism industries in the state. In Tennessee, grapes are the state’s third largest fruit crop.
2010 Study Compiled by, Tennessee Dept. of Agriculture
“Agritourism is a major factor in the growth we’ve seen so far and in the future of the state’s wine industry,”
Jonathan Ball, Vice President of Operations, Rocky Top Wine Trail

In Tennessee, Grapes are the State’s 3rd Largest Fruit Crop

Grape Expectations

Pick TennesseeVisiting farms, wineries, and vineyards — sometimes called agritourism — is the pleasurable way to explore and enjoy rural East Tennessee.  Wine tourism is driving the growth of the wine industry in many regions of the country, providing a major economic stimulus to weakened rural economies and maintaining agricultural traditions and quality of life. There has been a dramatic increase in destination wineries and wine trails as visitors discover the wineries and wine regions in their state, the surrounding states and across the country.  No less so in Tennessee.

Wine is an agricultural endeavor, and several of our wineries have large estate vineyards; these winemakers think about growing a bottle of wine.  Agritourism and the success of wineries are closely linked.  The wineries on our trail are small wineries and they depend on visitors to sell their wines.  That means the wines have to be good.  If you are willing to try wines other than Chardonnay, Merlot and Pinot Noir, you will find award-winning wines made from varietals that thrive in East Tennessee, including Chambourcin, Chancellor and Seyval.

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